The Mourning Show – Episode 1

hosted by Jack Danya Kemplin, Darkest Jack & Dead McMaim with special guests Deathrock Joey & Undead-Peter Lorre.
Along with the music of UnwomanVoltaireChristian DeathPeter Murphy,AUDRABlack Tape for a Blue Girl, & QNTAL.
We also talk of Polish vampire graves, a castle the real Dracula stayed at for one night is for sale, the film Malificent, & Gothic cuisine
Dark cultures coming together for good causes like Wolf Mountain Sanctuary, & the family of horror host Magoo Garou Wolfman.
The events Bats Day in the Fun Park, & Wave-Gotik-Treffen,
Interview the Editor-In-Chief of C3 – Collective Crow Comics,
& review the TV show Penny Dreadful, the book Varney the Vampire, the graphic novel The CrowGrand Guignol theatre, Jekyll & Hyde The Musical, the film The Spiders by Fritz Lang, & the hair product Splatt.